Blog – 15th April

Last week we doubled the number of TRANSFORMERS groups we are running. We now have 97 children/teenagers coming to the farm every week and the number is rising! I always get nervous and very tired leading up to the start of any big new chapter here at ND but once you start … it’s like pure relief and delight comes over me, over us all actually. We are running 8 groups a week (only two mornings and a Saturday now without kids or teenagers on the farm). Each group come for four hours, and its all about playing in a safe place (no drugs, no violence, no abuse …), yummy food, freedom, feeling God’s love and … well so much more. They are already getting excited about the TF weekend adventure camps which will run from August to December.

One of our lads, Givanildo, that we saw through drug rehab for 15 months, then had living with us on the farm for 4 months, is back living with his family in Itabirito. He had a relapse for about 2 weeks just over a month ago, but thankfully (due to prayers answered we believe) he got back up on his feet again and is now working and doing well. You can see straight away when they are back on the drugs and it was such a relief to see him this morning and get that big old Givanildo hug, and see the peace in his eyes. If you prayed, thank you.

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